An Afternoon in Dresden, Germany

The Dresden Frauenkirche (above) To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Dresden before I went backpacking (aka “bussing”) around Europe in 2008 and I’m ashamed to admit that! Dresden is located in eastern Germany and it’s a city that was totally destroyed during World War II by a fire bombing on February 13th through February 15th from the British and American air forces. It’s estimated … Continue reading An Afternoon in Dresden, Germany

Swarovski Crystal Factory (Innsbruck, Austria)

Before we went whitewater rafting in 2008, we made a stop in the typical storybook town in Austria known as Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the capital city of the state Tyrol inĀ  western Austria and it’s super picturesque. Innsbruck also happens to be where the factory store is for Swarovski Crystal so we had to go in there! I ended up buying a small necklace with … Continue reading Swarovski Crystal Factory (Innsbruck, Austria)

Before You Go!

For the most part, I use my Chase Sapphire card when I travel abroad because there are no international transaction fees and that’s amazing. However, there are minimal fees if I need to take money out of an ATM abroad. That is not amazing. That said, if it’s possible (and it’s almost always possible because who plans an international trip with less than a week … Continue reading Before You Go!

Whitewater Rafting in the Swiss Alps

the mind-blowingly picturesque portion of the Swiss Alps on which we rafted. Back in 2008, after I’d graduated from university, I went on a 3 week multi-city tour of (mostly) western Europe (it was the European Inspiration tour with Contiki which has changed a bit since 2008, but it’s still similar). We spent 3 days and 2 nights in each city and it was amazing. … Continue reading Whitewater Rafting in the Swiss Alps