My Favorite Hungarian Food

On the free walking tour in Budapest, our guide also mentioned traditional Hungarian cuisine. One of the plates that interested me the most was the food above which is called Lángos, or, as it’s lovingly referred to by Hungarian teenagers, “Communist Pizza.” It’s basically fried dough in the shape of a pizza pie covered in sour cream (sour cream is Hungary’s ketchup and I fully … Continue reading My Favorite Hungarian Food

Back Home!

I had this whole post ready to go before I went up about getting my currency in order before I left but I didn’t post it. I forgot, kind of, and now it’s out of date. BUT I am back from my trip abroad. I might still be a bit jet lagged, but I think it might also be a symptom of me not liking … Continue reading Back Home!

Take a Walk: Mårten Trotzigs Gränd (Stockholm, Sweden)

So, I am two days away (!) from heading to Budapest and I wanted to share this post about this tiny, little street (alleyway, really) in Gamla Stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden. It is called the narrowest street in Stockholm – 35 inches at it’s narrowest. And that’s really saying something because this is a city of narrow streets! I read about this … Continue reading Take a Walk: Mårten Trotzigs Gränd (Stockholm, Sweden)

Because Why Not: Sistine Chapel & the Vatican City (Rome, Italy)

Actually, I could think of a lot of good reasons that you shouldn’t pay to go into the Vatican (have you not seen Spotlight?), but I was in Rome and based on my feelings about my experience in Italy thus far, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to come back so I may as well get it all out of the way this time. … Continue reading Because Why Not: Sistine Chapel & the Vatican City (Rome, Italy)