That Girl Away

I wrote about my travel hacks on Monday so today I thought I’d write about the five things that I forgot to bring to Israel. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll actually write about traveling IN Israel soon. I just need a week or so to process everything. It was a whirlwind trip!

  1. Waterproof Phone Case: I went to, not one, but two hot springs. It would’ve been nice to have my phone in a waterproof case. I actually had it with all of my other travel gadgets but I took it out at the last minute.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: In a lot of the public bathrooms, there wasn’t soap or something to dry your hands with, so this would’ve been really helpful. We also did a lot of things outdoors so having some easy way to at least feel a little bit cleaner in the moment would’ve been a relief.
  3. A Hat: I’m not even sure I own an hat that would’ve appropriate for this trip, but having something that could’ve blocked the sun from my view while we were scaling down a cliff (true story!) would’ve been great. Or you know, cover my dirty hair when I didn’t feel like washing it, too.
  4. Sleeping Pills: I did bring melatonin with me but I’m talking about the hard stuff: NyQuill or Benadryl. For the plane. I can never forget these again.
  5. Sandals (that fit): This is kind of cheating, but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here to so hear me out. I did bring sandals with me, Crocs (the cute kind, not the typical hideous kind), but despite being marked a certain size on the label in the store, they were two sizes too big. Therefore I could not wear them. It was epically annoying. Always check your sizes, people. 

That’s it. I packed light and kept it concise and honestly, these were the only things that I think I forgot. Hopefully if you venture to Israel you’ll consider taking some of these things with you, too!


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