That Girl Away

After I’d visited MeowWolf on the outskirts of Santa Fe, my friends and I drove into the city proper. Calling Santa Fe a city is really generous, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll call it a city. My best friend switched Spotify to play the song “Santa Fe” from the musical Rent as we drove over the mountains and into the city. It was perfect. We parked somewhere along the main road and walked around a bit.
I’d done a little research on Santa Fe and I couldn’t say I’d found much to do. There were a lot of places to get coffee, so I knew I’d be very effectively caffeinated while there.
We walked around a few little streets in the main square of Santa Fe and decided to get drinks at Bell Tower Bar at La Fonda on the Plaza, a ritzy hotel just off a grassy park. The air was warm but dry and the sun was shinning but there were umbrellas so we were okay. We had margaritas and chips and guacamole and took in the sights.
After we were happily buzzed, we walked to the famous landmark of Santa Fe: Canyon Road. This is a road that’s known for extremely expensive art. I am not an art person but since this is the thing to do (after or perhaps even before MeowWolf) I said sure! We hadn’t driven an hour just so I could drink margaritas and play the song Santa Fe on Spotify after all, right?
Canyon Road was lovely, neat. And thankfully: it was also a short road. There were lots of cute little houses and modern sculptures. I was glad I went and even happier that they didn’t charge admission.
As we slowly made our way back to the car, we picked up coffee at a place called 35 North Coffee, which was super tasty. Sunburned and tired, we headed home.
My friends were right when they warned me that Santa Fe kind of sucked. Dare I say that if Santa Fe weren’t the capital of New Mexico that no one would go there? Albuquerque is by far the more interesting – or at least more entertaining – major city in New Mexico. But if you’re driving through New Mexico, why not stop and see the capital?

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