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The Cat Cafe in Reykjavik!

When you need a break in from going on group tours outside the city center and from all the many museums in Reykjavik, you should get yourself to Bergstaðastræti Street over to Kattakaffihusid! Unlike a lot of the other cat cafes that I’ve been to while traveling, these adorable fluffs are all up for adoption.

Upon entering the cafe, I was instantly drawn to the hot pink neon sign that said “Mja.” It turns out that “Mja” is “meow” is Icelandic! But before you ask, it’s pronounced the same way because cats’ meows, for the most part, sound the same.

Mja means Meow in Icelandic!

Unlike other cafes that keep 15 cats at a time, this cafe only keeps between four and six kitties at a time. But teach cat gets more attention from customers who pass through, so I suppose that’s not a bad thing.

Above on the left is Queen Flækja, who, according to their IG, just went to her forever home yesterday! On the right is beautiful Nala who spent most of her time in a throne! 

The Food

Everything on the menu is vegan (so if you’re a vegan and worried about what to eat, you know you can at least eat here!). Against my better judgment, I ordered a grilled cheese on focaccia with tomato. I say “against my better judgment” because I was already having serious digestion issues from the uptick in my gluten consumption, but I thought the grilled cheese sounded very tasty because I was starving.

Vegan grilled cheese!

Their newest cat was a kitten named Keana. She was camped out under a couch for most of the time, but when she was given the chance, she took it upon herself to annoy an older black Tortie.

Some of the kitties in the cafe!

She doesn’t look like a Tortie but if you got up close you could see the markings in her fur!

After I finished my sandwich, I decided that I was still hungry and continued on to eat a piece of (vegan) tiramisu with whipped cream! It was dryer than your typical tiramisu, but still delicious.

Vegan tiramisu!

I spent some more time with the cats and then said goodbye to make room for other patrons to spend some money and enjoy the cats.


This was a welcomed respite from the running around that I’d done earlier that day. This little cafe will allow you to recharge and also to get your feline fix when you’re away from home!

Check out their Instagram here!

Appropriate reading for a cat cafe.

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