That Girl Away

When I arrived in Dublin last summer, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As I walked along the River Liffey and got closer and closer to the Temple Bar district, I couldn’t help but think, “This looks a lot like Amsterdam!” If you’ve been to both Dublin and Amsterdam, would you say that’s accurate? Maybe I’m crazy.

OK, OK, so it’s only while you walk down the river that Dublin resembles Amsterdam, but it really does! The main photo above is of Dublin. You couldn’t tell, right? I guess the discerning travelers eye could (maybe).

As I rummaged through my old photos from my past two trips to Amsterdam, I realized I had very, very few. They are also crap quality because I didn’t have an iPhone in 2007 or 2008 (#thestrugglewasreal) and my point and shoot, which was great at the time, was only 5 or so megapixels (HAHA).

But anyways, here are the only two good photos that I could find that maybe help you to see the similarities in the architecture and city-along-the-water that I saw.

See, it sort of looks similar. Disclaimer: There’s a chance that the photo on the right might actually be from Edam (famous cheese village outside of Amsterdam) but that’s exactly what Amsterdam looks like.

That’s my friend Emily in the photo on the left in 2007. We bonded over a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe and a couple of days later booked seats on Ryan Air to go to Amsterdam together for the weekend. Our prep was watching Eurotrip. It was an AWESOME weekend.

1928947_507580597447_2599_n (2)

One last shot of some cool architecture from Amsterdam because why not? This is the Amsterdam Centraal Train Station. 

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