About That Girl Away… aka Allison

Hi! I’m Allison and I love to travel, usually by myself. Hence the solo travel blog! Welcome to my blog – my digital scrapbook, if you will. I realized after two years of writing this blog that I’d yet to update my About Me page. So, here we are!

I was inspired to write exclusively about my travels during the summer of 2017 after I went through a breakup (it was definitely for the best and I shed zero tears) and I went to London (for a third time) and Dublin on my own, although it was supposed to be a trip for both of us. I’d traveled at least twice before by myself, to Scandinavia and Poland, and I absolutely loved it. If I’m being completely honest, I was kind of relieved that the trip turned into a solo adventure. 

I came back revived, feeling like myself, and wanted to write about nothing than all that I’d experienced and seen. I’d been writing about theatre for a decade on another blog and I needed a change. And so That Girl Away was born.

Some of my favorite places that I’ve traveled to are London, Budapest, Warsaw, and Oslo

A little bit about me when I’m not traveling or writing about traveling:

  • I was born in California and raised in the suburbs of New York City.
  • I moved to New York City in 2004 to attend university and never left.
  • I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
  • I meditate daily.
  • I have my 200-hour yoga teaching certification, which I received in 2017.
  • When I’m not traveling I’m likely at the theatre, watching a horror movie, reading, or doing yoga.
  • I have two cats: a Tuxedo cat named Playbill, and a Tabby cat named Gus. I was once featured on Girls and their Cats.
  • I listen to far too many podcasts like Saw Something Scary, The Horror Virgin, The Bechdel Cast, The Balanced Blonde, and That’s So Retrograde.
  • I’m a morning person!
  • I went to school for theatre and business.
  • My favorite authors include Bill Bryson, Malcolm Gladwell, Gabby Bernstein, and Ruby Warrington.
  • I love photography but I’ve never been able to master my Sony x5100!
  • I also watch a lot of (probably too much) YouTube.
  • I studied abroad in London for the summer in 2007.
  • I did not vote for Donald Trump.

I think that’s enough about me. If you want to collaborate or work together, please email me: