That Girl Away

I really wanted to write about the cat cafes that I went to while I was abroad this week, so if you’re not a cat person, feel free to to come back next week when I’m writing about places that don’t have anything to do with cats, BUT when I was in Cat Cafe Budapest, I noticed they were advertising for a cat pub. The same owners also own Whiskers, Budapest’s first-ever cat pub. It’s located on a less dimly lit street 4 or 5 blocks from the Cat Cafe and when you walk in, you wouldn’t know it’s anything special.


There were a few tables full of Hungarian lads and a bar and stairs in the back leading up to a room where their paw’ed residents live. I was glad to see that the cats were somewhat separated from the potential drunk patrons. I glanced at the cat-themed (of course) drink menu, ordered a beverage, and took the drink and myself upstairs to where the cats were.


The room was small but filled with cat trees and beds and toys. It was on the later side so the cats were on their 12th naps of the day but some of them still managed to open their eyes and meow hello at me. On the walls were photos and details about all the cats who, again, were all rescues but permanent residents.

The three resident cats were all very sweet and good natured as I pet them and sipped my drink. I watched the action of the other patrons below, too. I decided to leave after I finished my drink and more visitors came to greet the furbabies. I wouldn’t have wanted to have left them alone after all.

The tabby was just ADORABLE. I enjoyed Whiskers, but I found myself conflicted: I’m definitely glad the cats were separated from some potentially drunk customers but it also made me a little sad that they were in a room, just the three of them most of the time. But then again, I’m sure they’re quite happy living at the pub, receiving the occasional visitors, and being able to nap in a warm bed.

I would like all of the decals for my next apartment, please. 

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