That Girl Away

Sometimes shit happens and trips have to be canceled.

I live in New York City where real estate is a bitch. Back in April, I began the process of selling my apartment and buying a different apartment in my building. All was smooth sailing (as much as it can be when dealing with these kinds of things) until we hit a bump in the road two days ago. We found out there was a condition put upon the current owner of the apartment I am buying and until he fulfills it, they will not allow me to sublet or take possession of the apartment in any way.

To say I have been stressed out is the understatement of the century. Up until today, it looked as though I was going to be homeless in a few days. This seemed like a bigger issue than a lost $400 in credit card points on airfare. Homelessness > $$$

Currently, it’s looking like I will be able to stay in my apartment at least until the end of September (thankfully). I am sad, but the reality is that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the trip anyways. I am thankfully receiving credit to use at another time for my accommodation and although I cannot get my points back that I used to book my flight – it wasn’t a particularly expensive flight, and I did use points not actual cold hard cash – so, it could be worse.

When I was thinking that I’d need to sublet somewhere for a little while – longer term executive housing, perhaps – I tried to change the way I was looking at things to: I would be temporarily leaving my little idyllic neighborhood uptown and I would be able to try living elsewhere for a few weeks.

I was trying to tell myself: it would be like a mini vacation. That made it seem more palpable. I’d have only the absolute necessities (plus my two furmonsters and their necessities) with me and get to live in a different neighbor for a little while. How many new coffee shops can I caffeinate myself in, #amiright?

It almost seemed exciting. I’m glad that for now I won’t have to move, but it’s why I love the above quote from the late Wayne Dyer. A slight shift in perspective never hurts and it can sometimes be really beneficial.

Am I still stressing out? Yes. Am I still bummed that I canceled my trip? Yes. But I just have to keep reframing my thoughts and remembering there are always (with some exceptions) positive ways to look at things. Namaste, my fellow wanderlusters.


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