That Girl Away

The Sphere Within a Sphere outside The Berkeley Library at Trinity College.

While I was in Dublin, I, of course, took a guided tour of Trinity College. Trinity is historical and famous and I was 100% sure I wouldn’t be able to see everything that I should see if I wandered around on my own (and get lost, basically).

I’ll write more about Trinity College itself in another post but I found myself liking the Golden Sphere, or the “Sphere Within a Sphere” as it’s also called, by the artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. It was in front of The Berkeley Library (where the books are in size order, not alphabetical order!), which is named after Bishop George Berkeley. This is also the same person that Berkeley College in northern California is named after, so it’s no coincidence that Pomodoro also installed a Sphere Within a Sphere in Berkeley College, too.


These installations with locations all over the world always intrigue me (like the Jan Karsky one). There are thirteen locations of the Sphere Within a Sphere, but only two are at places called “Berkeley.” If I ever find myself on Berkeley College’s campus, I’ll have to look for it!




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