That Girl Away

Actually, I could think of a lot of good reasons that you shouldn’t pay to go into the Vatican (have you not seen Spotlight?), but I was in Rome and based on my feelings about my experience in Italy thus far, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to come back so I may as well get it all out of the way this time.

I also grew up with an art teacher in elementary school (Mr. M!) who loved Michelangelo and talked about the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in class all the time (he also loved Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, but I digress). So, I was seeing it for him, that’s what I told myself. I paid far too much money for entry into the Vatican and raced through the museum to get to the Sistine Chapel.

Our Contiki guide had told us all beforehand that photos were strictly forbidden but if we held our cameras in front of our torsos and took a photo without a flash, no one would notice (and they don’t do anything to you if they do notice besides tell you to put your camera away! #protip). So, that’s what we all did. This is the result of my attempt:


So, am I glad I saw it? Sure. But would I ever pay money to see it again? That’s a big nope. Below are a few photos of the Vatican that I took.

I’m sure this is what Jesus had in mind, right? I’m going to cosign Sara Silverman’s idea and suggest to feed the poor by selling the Vatican. 🙂

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