That Girl Away

As I was walking from my office to the train yesterday I felt a a very familiar chill come over me. I checked the date on my phone and saw it was October 16th and I thought back to the day that I ventured off to Poland in 2016. It was almost that same day two years earlier. And then I remembered that the chill I was currently feeling was the same one that I felt during those first few days in Poland.

I arrived in Poland on October 18th and within a day I realized that I’d packed horribly wrong for the weather. My packing template had been the same as the one I’d used when I was going to Scandinavia for two weeks in mid-September the year prior. My rational was: it’s technically closer to the equator, so even though I’m going a month later in the season (fall), it will probably be the same temperature in mid-October. Right?


I’d even brought t-shirts with me. T-SHIRTS. FOR POLAND. IN OCTOBER.

Also: it was raining pretty consistently and terribly. Like, it wouldn’t stop. And I had no umbrella. (I think it is specifically for that reason that stores like the Flying Tiger exist. I could spend thousands in that store on things I don’t need so I never go in unless I’m traveling need something immediately.)

The photo above was taken in the elevator mirror at the Dream Hostel (stay there if you’re ever in Warsaw, you guys, I’m not joking) on my first night in Warsaw. I was FREEZING. Do you see how many layers I was wearing? I believe I was wearing a tank top and/or ts-hirt, a big bulky sweater, a scarf, a hat, and my jean jacket. I probably had gloves, too. I believe the hat and the gloves were lost before I even got on my plane to come home.

Did I mention it also rained for 7 out of the 10 days that I was in Poland? Yeah, it did. It was totally fun. And I was totally (not) prepared! The hat in the photo I bought at the Flying Tiger in Krakow and the scarf I bought at Zara, also in Krakow.

I thought all I needed was a jean jacket for Poland in mid-October. HA-HA. 

I went on over a half dozen walking tours while I was in Poland and by the end of that first night in Warsaw, I was freezing. The next morning after I’d gone to the Uprising Museum which was closer to the business district of Warsaw, I spotted a TJ Maxx (they call it TK Maxx there) and immediately went in. I bought an orange peacoat for about $50 USD and an orange sweater for much less. I still have and adore both of these items of clothing.

So yesterday the New York autumn chill brought me back to two years ago, visiting a place I loved, and reminding me to always check the weather before I travel.

And also that it is officially too cold to only be sporting a jean jacket now. 

I’m often reminded by little things here and there of specifics memories when I’ve traveled. Do you have any memories like that? Let me know below!

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