That Girl Away

I really think I need to visit Copenhagen again at some point. I disliked my hostel so much and was confused at the layout of the city that I think that really put a cloud over my ability to enjoy the city. The castles were beautiful, the history was interesting, and the food was OK, but I couldn’t navigate my way around the winding, nonsensical non-grid that comprised of the streets of this Scandinavian capital.

I had limited wireless access so my phone wasn’t helpful (last time I’ll do that, thankyouverymuch) and my hostel was located on a dark street about 10 minutes walk from the central train station and the staff left at 10pm every night, leaving us patrons to fend for ourselves. I guess?

The prettiest part though? The Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Palace. 

Do you remember that part in the movie The Prince and Me where the Queen of Denmark takes Julia Stiles down into the vault to pick out a piece of jewelry for the ball? This was just like that.

Except I didn’t get to touch or wear any of it. But still: there were pink diamonds in fancy black rooms that were heavily protected by armed guards.

There are a bunch of swords and crowns and things that are usually included in sets of crown jewels in various countries in Europe, but there was also a ton of really pretty jewelry. According to the official website for the exhibit, “The history of the Crown Jewels begins with Christian VI’s queen, Sophie Magdalene. She was widowed in 1746 and expected to die presently of grief. She therefore wrote her will, in which she specified that her jewelry was not to be given to a specific person, but should always be ‘with the crown.'” And apparently on the Queen of Denmark is allowed to wear them on state visits only within the borders of Denmark.

It’s an exquisite collection that’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re in Denmark. Tickets start at 110kr or you can buy a combined ticket for Rosenborg and Amalienborg for 155kr.

And now: the photos.

This pink diamond is a little bigger than the one Julia Stiles wore in the movie. How much do you think it’s worth? This is apparently the Regalia, which no longer has practical use so it stays in the vault always.


These photos are less than stellar quality since these were taken in 2015 but hopefully these do this unbelievable display some justice. Someday I’ll have a pink diamond that size. Someday. 

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