That Girl Away

While I was in Budapest, I decided to skip Bratislava and go to Salzburg instead on a day trip from Vienna. I didn’t know much about Salzburg but I thought the Sound of Music tour would be fun and I knew it’d be pretty because I already knew Austria was pretty.

Honestly, I’m not sure Salzburg is the BEST idea for a day trip from Vienna (because it’s 2.5 hours away, compared to the 1 hour away that is Bratislava) but I don’t regret it one bit.

I arrived at the Salzburg train station and a quick 10 minute walk later, I was in front of Mirabellplatz. After purchasing my ticket for the tour, I had around 40 minutes to kill so I found my way quickly to the Old Town just across over the bridge to see the Mozart statue and some pretty buildings.


In a square in the Old Town appropriately named Mozartplatz. 


This sign was on a building across from the Salzburg Cathedral (second photo below). I had no idea this happened! You can read more about it here. And I saw a gold thermometer-looking thing near the Cathedral but I couldn’t read anything about it because it was in German so I took a photo and Googled it when I got home. It turns out that this was a weather station in 1888! It’s probably just as accurate as our weather stations now.


The Old Town had a lot of upscale shopping, beautiful old buildings, lots of history, and even a street named after me (Brod Street).

Even with only 40 minutes to see the Old Town, it was worth the running around. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to do in Salzburg than the tiny bit that I did and I’m also certain there’s probably a lot of amazing to be had, too.

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