That Girl Away

Happy Monday! What better way to start off the week than with photos from the Denver Cat Company? I haven’t had a chance to write about most things from when I was in Denver yet but I am more than prepared to share photos of cute rescue cats.

Before I went to Denver, I had zero idea that they had their own cat cafe. It wasn’t until I was trying to figure out how to pass the time (that sounds more negative than I mean for it to, but Denver is a small city!) and I googled “Denver Cat Cafe” and up popped the website for the Denver Cat Company. It was located on a really cute street called Tennyson Street in the Mountain View district of Denver.

On Google Maps, it looked like this was a good half-hour ride away, but when I plugged the address into Uber, it showed that it was a $7 Uber ride away from Molly Brown’s House. Yes, I was totally down. So after I’d visited the Denver Zoo and the Molly Brown House, I hopped in a cab and about 10 minutes later, my driver deposited me onto Tennyson Street.


I spoke to the young woman running the front desk who was so super friendly and informative. If you’re going, you should know that you don’t need a reservation and there’s an $8 entry fee. She informed me that all of the cats at the cafe are rescues and they work with an organization called Life is Better Rescue¬†and they actually rescue animals from high-kill shelters in the south and bring them back to Denver.

The cats were all so friendly and playful. And adorable. I immediately fell in love with an all-black kitten, and also a brown tuxedo kitty (it is VERY rare to see a brown tuxedo cat).


the brown and white Tuxedo kitten!

They also had a ton of black cats, ’tis the season, it being October and all!

This was an epic way for me to begin to wind down my day. I’m so glad I decided to Google cat cafes in Denver and I’m so glad that a place like this exists! If you’re in Denver and looking for a way to relax one afternoon, consider having a cat-achino at the Denver Cat Company!


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