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So when I was planning my last-minute weekend trip to Denver, I literally had no idea what the city was like and where I should stay so I wanted to give you my recommendations in case you’re planning a trip to Denver soon!

Where To Stay

The whole downtown area is about the size of the Financial District in New York City so it’s really walkable. I took a shot in the dark when I decided where to stay and ended up in historic LoDo District (Lower Downtown). I stayed in the Westin Hotel ($400 for two nights). It was really nice, incredibly centrally located, and about a 5 minute walk from Union Station. I probably overpaid for my hotel and could’ve found something for $100 cheaper so don’t let what I paid deter you. It’s also a 5 to 10 minute walk to Coors Stadium and about a 25 minute walk from City Park.


Where To Go a Night

If going for a Ghost Walking Tour isn’t your thing, then I’d suggest making an invitation and going to dinner and a show at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. It’s known as brothel-gastropub. I grabbed dinner there on a Saturday night, and although I didn’t stay for a show, the vibe was really cool inside, and everyone says the shows are amazing.

Where To Get Brunch

A few years back Snooze, a brunch-only restaurant from California, opened a couple of locations in Denver and right before I caught the train back to the airport, I grabbed brunch at the Union Station Snooze. Be prepared to wait if you’re going at a prime time brunching hour but I kept a close eye on the bar and got a seat there pretty easily. The food is tasty and exactly what you’re craving when you need brunch.

Definitely Don’t Miss

Molly Brown’s House, visiting Denver’s Capitol and Civic Center Park, and the Denver Zoo. I’ve also heard the Denver Art Museum is great if you like art (which I don’t have an appreciation for unfortunately).

Tourist Trap to Skip

I’d read about the 16th Street Mall online a bunch and saw it was located a block from my hotel. I was disappointed when I got there and realized it was just a long strip of road with shitty stores on it.


But Go To This One Instead

Another couple of blocks that is lined with shops but is MUCH cuter is Larimer Square. There are twinkle lights strung from the buildings and it’s just really pleasant to walk down.


Incase You Can’t Book a Ghost Walking Tour

Check out Cheesman Park in the Capitol Hill district. The Denver Botanical Gardens are in this park so after checking out the beautiful flowers (depending on the season) go take a walk through Cheesman Park. Dogs still will occasionally find bones in the park because it was one a mass grave site for the city of Denver and there were 5000 bodies buried. The city hired an undertaker named EP McGovern to dig them all up, which he did until he realized he could get more money if there were more bodies. So, he started chopping bodies up. When the city officials realized this, they fired him, but still had a time line to adhere to so they said screw it and built the park on top of the remaining 2000 bodies that were left there. The original cemetery gate is still there and everything. You can check out the movie The Changeling which is based on paranormal experiences that were had there.

Hopefully, you found this helpful and if you think I missed something, definitely let me know in the comments. Same goes if you have any questions! I hope this takes the guessing game out of your travels to Denver.


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