That Girl Away

The cats I’d seen at the cat cafes in Budapest were simple, not to mention adorable, but not fancy. The cats living in Cafe Neko – Vienna’s premiere cat cafe – were so fancy they were almost royal (see: above photo). Their cats are rescues from local shelters and surprisingly, Cafe Neko opened all the way back in 2012!


Not far from massive St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Cafe Neko is a traditional Japanese cat cafe (“Neko” means “cat” in Japanese). When I walked in at the end of my first day in Vienna, it was basically silent, which was a little weird to be honest. There were a few other patrons inside, sipping tea, but it was close to closing time, so things were pretty dead.

I ordered a delicious matcha green tea latte and said hello to the cats in residence.


After I sipped my umptheeth latte of the day (seriously, all I drink when I travel is lattes, hence why I also carry melatonin on me when I travel!) and took a bunch of photos, it was time to actually play with the fancy felines. The woman in the third photo in the top row was the owner, I believe, or the manager.

I decided to leave shortly after that so the cats could get some chill time. If you visit Cafe Neko, I’d suggest going during the day, when the cats are less tired and there are more people there. But this is definitely the place for cat lovers in Vienna – especially if you like regal, fancy AF cats.


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