That Girl Away

How can I write about going to Portland, Oregon and not mention Voodoo Doughnuts? I can’t, so that’s why I absolutely must (no, it’s a law, I swear, just believe me!). This was a place that’s been popular for over a decade and it was the place that everyone was telling me I absolutely must go to, probably they had never heard of anything else in Portland. To be fair, I hadn’t either. I wasn’t a huge doughnut fan, but I was a huge cupcake fan and isn’t a doughnut just a flat cupcake with a hole in the middle? (Sort of.) So, count me in.

I think we went on my second night in Portland. There was, of course, a huge line, even at night and we lined up outside the glittery brick facade of the establishment and waited our turn.


I was excited. The walls were pink and sparkly. Basically my dream decor. 

They have a variety of doughnuts and even back in 2011 they had a menu of vegan doughnuts (which I bet has tripled in size since then).


They’ve opened a few locations outside of Portland since I visited in California and Austin, but if you’re in Portland, you gotta visit and have at least one doughnut. You can find more information, like their opening hours, etc. right here on their website.

Oh, and I had their pink frosted doughnut with coconut shreds and peanut butter in the middle. It was basically heavy. That’s 25 year old me up there enjoying it, despite my smize.

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