That Girl Away

This long and winding road, Lombard Street between Jones and Hyde Streets in San Francisco, is famous for being the most crooked street in the city. When I was there in 2009, I stopped by to see the famous street.


It lived up to expectations and looked really daunting to try to drive down. It is not a street I’d ever want to live on in a city where you benefit from owning a car. Lombard Street was specifically designed in such a way for safety. Lombard Street is on an extremely steep hill so they designed the street to stop people from speeding down it.


The view from the bottom of Lombard Street. Eek.

Fun fact: 953 Lombard Street is where season three of the Real World was filmed! It hit the market last year for $6.9 million. I don’t know whether it sold or not, but I’m sure if you’re in San Francisco, it would’ve been fun to set up an appointment with a real estate agent to see it. Hah, just me?


Anyways, Lombard Street is accessible by cable car or you can attempt to walk from Pier 39. It’s a really steep hill though, but I guess that’s par for the course for San Francisco.


Obligatory selfie of 23-year old me in front of the famed street. 

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