That Girl Away

I ate some fantastic food – albeit mostly pastries – when I traveled to Oslo in 2015. I wasn’t as into photographing my food obsessively back then but I do have a few photos.

On my first night in Oslo after I dropped my stuff at the Anker Hostel, I walked down the main road towards the city’s center and one of the first restaurants I happened upon was called 3 Brodre. I stopped dead in tracks because “Brodre” is almost my last name save for the last two inverted letters. (I found out later that it means “brother” in Norwegian.) It was chilly but I sat in one of the cushy seats outside surrounded by heat lamps. I settled in with a burger and fries, and a beer. I took in the sights of Oslo and became acclimated to my new surroundings for the next few days.

I showed my waitress my license to show her my last name but she seemed unimpressed. (I probably would’ve reacted the same way, to be honest).

I remember I went to one restaurant called Olivia on a strip in Oslo called Aker Brygge with lots of modern apartment buildings, shops, and restaurants on the water. If memory serves me correctly, I had some typical Italian dish, but if you’re looking for something more adventurous, I remember seeing a lot of “moose” and “elk” on the menus of the other restaurants on Aker Brygge.

I looked at my Foursquare checkins and found checkins at Kaffebrenneriet (a coffee chain in Oslo), Peloton, and Jarmann Gastropub. I snacked on a lot of pastries and coffee because Scandinavia has a talent for serving excellent desserts and I made it my personal mission to eat as much of it as possible.

Mission: Accomplished. And this sign at Kaffebrenneriet was the best because it’s totally true, especially when you’re backpacking around Europe.


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