That Girl Away

I’m not sure how you found me or why you’re here, but let me say: thank you. I wanted to start a travel blog for a while. For years I had a blog where I wrote about whatever I wanted (mainly theatre and yoga) but I kept finding myself drawn to writing about my travel adventures.

I’m an early 30-something woman who lives in New York City and works for a fitness company during my every day life. A couple of times a year I travel – usually to some cities in Europe. I’ve always traveled solo, even when in a relationship, and I journal my travels and take a ton of photos.

I like going places that people don’t “usually” go and 99% of the time, I travel to cities. I’m a city girl and I respect people who travel for scenic beauty, but I’m not one of them. Give me sidewalk city streets and historical sites.

I have a handful of upcoming posts and I look forward to sharing to my travels and getting to know you, too!

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