That Girl Away

A very sunburnt and soon-to-be-drunk 22 year old me at the Hofbrauhaus in 2008.

I visited Munich for three days back in 2008 and I LOVED it. I’m shocked that I loved it as much as I did because I consumed a crazy amount of beer while I was there (to say I probably don’t remember a lot of our first night is an understatement). To that end: it’s a miracle I remember any of it at all.

But as I’ve gotten older and smarter and learned more about history, Munich has been up there with Berlin and Prague on my list of places that I need to revisit eventually. I’m assuming that everyone reading can relate to that. One of my neighbors recently went to Munich reluctantly on business and came back raving about it (I told you, I said to her after) so this only pushed it higher to the top of my list.

In 2008, when I was in Munich I visited the Reichstag, the Hofbrauhaus, the White Rose Memorial, Marienplatz, the Theatine Church of St. Cajetan, Munich’s English Garden, and the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. Not bad for a first trip. But here are the five things I’d do if I went back:

  1. Hitler and the Third Reich Walking Tour: I love walking tours and my neighbor said this one was fantastic. As someone who is endlessly fascinated and shocked by the atrocities of the Holocaust, I’d be first in line for this one.
  2. Munich Residenz: For centuries the monarchs of Germany lived in this palace on the north end of Munich. Yes, please.
  3. Frauenkirche: This is a massive 15th century church in the middle of Munich and I’m assuming that you can walking to the top of one of the two steeples and get a kick-ass view of the city.
  4. Munich National Theatre: Because I’m a theatre nerd and it looks really pretty inside.
  5. Hellabrunn Zoo: They have over 706 species and were one of the first zoos to implement using natural barriers instead of cages in 1911. Don’t you know by now that I love a great zoo? I need to get my adorable furmonster fix somehow while I’m away from mine.
  6. Runner Up: Viktualienmarkt: Who doesn’t love a good food market?!

What places are on your list that you know you need to revisit someday to see the things you missed the first time? Let me know in the comments!

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