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Happy Hump Day!

Copenhagen is one of those cities that I had really high expectations for. It was the first of five Scandinavian cities that I visited on my 2015 whirlwind tour of the region and I was so expected.

But when I got there, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Why? I’m not sure. I think it was because my hostel didn’t live up to my expectations and although it was sort-of centrally located, it was really impossible to navigate my way around the city. Copenhagen isn’t a grid and I swear, I walked in about 10 circles trying to find my way out of the neighborhood in which my hostel was located.

Every. single. time.

Good thing I was only there for 3 days.

But I think there’s also a lot that I missed in my permanent state of misdirection.

Here are the five things I’ll do when I return one of these days:

Go to Nyhavn

This where all the pretty little colorful houses are located (the same as in Reykjavik since, remember, the Danish king ruled over Iceland until they declared their independence!). When I looked back at my photos, I technically visited Nyhavn but I took a few shitty photos and then moved on. I mean, it’s not wrong to say that I occasionally visit spots when I’m abroad solely to take a photo and peace out, but I definitely wish I’d have walked around Nyhavn a bit more when I was there. And I wish I had a better camera because my old point-and-shoot resulted in terribly shitty photos. (Evidenced by the photo above!)


I’m not sure how I missed visiting this hippie “free city” while I was in Copenhagen. It used to be a spot where the military had barracks but after they moved out, the homeless moved in and eventually it became a commune when people in the surrounding neighborhood broke down the old military walls in 1971. Christiania quickly became the center of the hippie movement, the squatter movement, collectivism, and anarchism. Meditation and yoga highly popular with Christiana’s inhabitants now, another reason that I can’t believe I didn’t check it out!

Frederiksborg Castle:

When I was in Copenhagen, I visited Rosenborg Castle and the outside of Christiansborg Palace, I think. I stayed pretty close to the city center and Frederiksborg was a way outside it. But this castle is enormous and beautiful and has amazing adjoining gardens. Next time I’ll be sure to venture outside the city a bit more.

Carlsberg Brewery:

I don’t really drink beer anymore, but I always enjoy a good brewery tour. I would’ve gotten gone to Carlsberg had they not been closed the one day I had some free time, but alas, their schedule was not on my side. So: next time.

Hamlet’s Castle:

Also known as Kronborg Castle is another one of those gorgeous palaces that’s located as far away as possible from the city center. Being the Shakespeare junkie that I am, I did have this palace on my list but it was too far away to visit in my three days there.

That’s it. Are there any spots that I’m missing that are tucked away? I’d love to know about them. Leave them in the comments below!

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