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If you’re ever planning a two week trip across Scandinavia like I did and you are not a meateater, I beg of you to please consider eating meat while you’re you’re traveling.

I don’t eat meat anymore, but I did while I was traveling there in 2015 and I have no idea how I would have survived had I not eaten insane amounts of meat. It’s chilly up there and fresh vegetables aren’t plentiful. And to my American vegetarians, I’m pretty sure the standards by which Scandinavians raise their animals is a bit more humane than in America (it HAS to be, right?).

Anyways, that’s my story, but looking back at my photos I really, really ate a LOT of meat, which was all delicious, but if the sight of meat makes you nauseous, I’d suggest you not scroll further.

The top right photo was from my last meal in Copenhagen and it was totally unexpected. In the Inner Vesterbro district of Copenhagen in what looked like a construction site, I stumbled up a BBQ joint adorned in picnic tables and other tacky American decorations called Warpigs Brewpub. I was initially drawn to this place when I was searching on yelp because of the name – it’s a lyric of a Cake song – but then I saw it was BBQ and I was like, “Weird to eat BBQ in Copenhagen, but yes!” The food was delicious and affordably priced. And fast forward to a year later and they’re being featured on an episode of “Fuck, That’s Delicious!” on their Copenhagen episode. Of all restaurants! So cool. You can learn more about them here.

I also ate a meal that I think was second photo on the first line at a place called Frk. Barners kaelder. Located at HELGOLANDSGADE 8A near the main train station, it was a place that too fancy for me but I was starving so I ate, I believe, chicken, rice, and salad. It was pretty unmemorable but I’m sure it was good.

In 2015, I had a colleague who happened to be Danish so of course I asked her for recommendations for Copenhagen and one of the recommendations was the Royal Smushi Cafe .I don’t know what a Smushi is (on second thought, I think the main photo might be a smushi) but the food was delicious and the cafe was adorable. I had a chicken sandwich with potato wedges and an egg. How cute is this place?

Another recommendation my colleague gave me was a place known for gourmet hotdogs called Foderbrættet. It was fancy-hipsterish and I only have one dark photo of the hot dog I ate, so I’m not posting it. In my efforts to Google their website, I found out that sadly, they’re no longer open, but who knows, they could open again at some point. But the food was good and the atmosphere was awesome, too. It was also a short walk from my hostel, which was also awesome.

I think the last two photos up there are probably from my meal at Frk. Barners kaelder but I’m not really sure. According to my Foursquare checkins from my trip I also ate at a place called Spicey Kitchen, which was Indian food.

So, as you can see: I ate lots of meat because that’s what Scandinavian countries are good at. Coming up next: What I Ate in Oslo!

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