That Girl Away

When I ended up with a few days in London last summer, I researched cat cafes in London and found Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and London Cat Village. After visiting Lady Dinah’s in the late morning, I found myself at London Cat Village for a lunchtime reservation complete with cats. London Cat Village is located in the ultra hip Shoreditch district in London and is only a 10 minute walk from Lady Dinah’s.


The Village was a much smaller than Lady Dinah‘s but lovely in it’s own way. As it turns out, midday was obviously nap time for the kitties. Since a vast majority of the cats were out cold, I ordered avocado toast and chilled out for a bit.


nom, nom, nom. 

These cats were, for the most part, pure bred and fancy breeds of feline. They were super, super pretty. They had lots of talents besides sleeping, like sleeping standing up (as evidenced above in the lower right corner). Like Lady Dinah’s, these cats are not up for adoption but the couple that did wake up were friendly and you totally wished you could apply to adopt them.

However, Cat Village rules strictly asked that you not pick up, disturb, or even pet cats unless they approached you and sat at on your lap. I think I totally ignored the last rule because I definitely pet a cat or two and no one sat on my lap first. Whoops.


This beautiful long haired white kitty was one of the only cats to open an eye while I was there and contrary to what it looks like, she was very sweet (this photo caught her mid-yawn).

If you have time after visiting¬†Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium while you’re in London, I’d definitely drop in to London Cat Village for some bites and relaxation. Who knows, one of their beautiful felines might end up sitting on your lap, too.

More information about London Cat Village can be found here. Reservations are definitely recommended ahead of time. 


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