That Girl Away

I really loved Oslo – a lot. It was probably my favorite Scandinavian city that I visited. It was so pretty and the food was great and there was so much to see. But I love theatre so I especially love Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, so I had to make a visit to Henrik Ibsen’s home in Oslo, aka Ibsenmuseet, which is located Henrik Ibsens Gate 26.


There’s an exhibit on the main floor about Ibsen’s work influencing popular culture through the decades since he became a prominent person in the theatre world. My favorite was the part that talked about John Lennon’s love of Ibsen’s play, “A Doll’s House.” Maybe more on that in another post. Anyways, Ibsen lived in this apartment from 1895 until he died in 1906.

He lived in the entire second floor which has been gorgeously restored. There are guided tours every so often and the tour guide said that a lot of the furniture was Ibsen’s. They said they found it by contacting descendants of Ibsen’s when they started restoring the apartment. It is a really nice apartment. As it should be, along with Shakespeare, Ibsen is the most widely performed playwright in the world.

His writing desk and his bedroom are the last two photos of the bottom row. 

I even spotted my last name on one of the printings of a poem that Ibsen had written (not pictured) that they had in the museum downstairs. I learned from one of the employees there that in Norwegian it means “brother.” I am not Norwegian at all though, at least not that I know of.

 L-R: Ibsen’s vest; a program from the original production of Hedda Gabbler in Munich; the program from the first stage performance of an Ibsen play ever in 1850; Ibsen’s face in neon blue, obviously. 

For only 115 NOK (about $11 USD), this should be a top priority if you’re an actor or a lover of plays in general.

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