That Girl Away

EDITORS’ NOTE: I finished this post on April 21st before I left for Tennessee but it didn’t post. Apologies.

Two Fridays ago was my last day at the job that I’d had for over two years. My being downsized was sort of a surprise, but also sort of not, if you know what I mean. I was always told I “kept the lights on” for the business but I then I was told it was a “business decision” which I think means I was more expensive so I was the logical choice to be laid off. It was for the best, honestly. I already have two interviews lined up, though I’m going to really try to take my time and find a job I genuinely like this time around. I kind of fell into this job in 2017, and although I liked it, it was never really in line with my values.

But you didn’t come here to read about my values. No, no.

As I started to pack for my trip to Tennessee, I couldn’t help but think about what I would do if my life were a little bit different right now.

I’d thought multiple times last year as the status of my job became questionable about what I would do if I were laid off (as I said, the writing was on the wall). I told myself multiple that it would be really nice to just pack my backpack and go backpacking for a month with zero plan – only a return date ticket. Or maybe I’d just buy a one-way ticket!

Isn’t that how most backpackers start? They find themselves with some free time and then say, “hey, why not?” and go?

But even though the “worst” case scenario has happened, I don’t think I’m packing up and leaving for a month. The reason? My cats, mostly. I think they’d miss me too much, and obviously, I’d miss them too. I don’t think my parents’ two cats would appreciate two extra furmonster roommates. Also: my boyfriend. it’s new and I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning him on here yet, but he’s become a pretty awesome part of my life so I’d miss him, too.

BUT this is called “IF” I could take off. So where would I go for a month? I’d start with Lisbon, Porto, and Marrakesh. It’d likely be the warmest down there. Then I’d hop on a ship (or a plane) to Athens and work my way up the coast – Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Zagreb. After that, I’d hit up Lviv and Kiev before hopping back on a plane to Glasgow and end my trip there with some casual castle-seeing and beer-drinking.

I know I’ve written something like this before, but it’s always nice to fantasize about where you would go in any given moment if you had the opportunity and check in with yourself to see if your ideal travel destinations have changed since you last assessed – since we’re always changing as human beings.

However, since I cannot pack up and leave for a month, I will have to continue to be a tourist in my own city, New York City, which as far as options go, is pretty fucking great and there are endless options.

Here’s to my next steps, whatever those may be, as they unfold and my next travel adventures, whenever the opportunities arise.

Stay curious, my fellow wanderlusters.

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