That Girl Away

I LOVED the metro in Vienna. I knew I’d be using it a lot because it was snowing lightly when I arrived and it hovered around 30* F the entire time I was there (except for my final day, thankfully).

That said, on my first night, I purchased a 3 day metro pass (17 Euro) and rode around the city to my heart’s content. A ticket is basically a small piece of paper that you validate before you get on the train. It’s kind of an honors system like Poland where occasionally police will come on board and check people’s tickets to make sure they’re validated (remember that time when I had to explain to a Polish police officer that I had just purchased the ticket but didn’t know to validate it?).

Anyways, their metro is clean and efficient. They have count down clocks so you know when your train is arriving and they even project the news and animal adoption ads in the stations so you have something to look at while you’re waiting (you know, in case your phone dies).

Okay, fine, yes, I’ll adopt that cat, Vienna Metro. 

I’d definitely recommend buying a multi-day pass if you’re in Vienna for more than a day because a single ride is 2.70 Euro, so 17 Euro for three days is a STEAL. I also rode the above ground trams my first day and my last day, but I rode their version of the subway a lot more.

I didn’t actually manage to get a photo of the inside of the train but it’s reminiscent of the Tube in London. I didn’t visit any flea markets while I was in Vienna or else I would’ve looked for places to buy a piece of art with the metro map on it. I have to find one State side now. If you know of any flea markets in New York, let me know!

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