That Girl Away

While I was in Dublin in July 2017 and making my way to the Teeling Distillery (which I never actually got to, oops), I walked wayyyyy south of the river to visit this little coffee house called Two Pups Coffee. I’d read about it in my Lonely Planet guidebook and only sorta hoped that there’d be lots of people with dogs there.

Spoiler alert: There were not. But it was a cute little cafe located on Francis Street and I was starving so I sat down to look at the menu. I saw they had avocado toast but it was served with peanut butter underneath the avocado. This was odd. But I love both avocado toast and peanut butter so why not? Oh, there was also a fried egg on top. I like those, too.

What came out was the most delicious meal I had while I was abroad and it is now a staple of my diet back home in New York. If you like peanut butter, eggs, and avocado toast, you absolutely must make the trek to Two Pups Coffee if you’re in Dublin.

The most delicious meal in the history of the world served with a pear John Lemon soda. Because obviously I’d order a drink called JOHN LEMON.

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