That Girl Away

Today is July 4th in America which means I’m off from work and I thought I’d post a few pictures from the party that my study abroad program threw for us at a pub when I was studying abroad in 2007 in London. Honestly, looking back on it, I think this was a bit silly and indulgent, but whatever! It’s in the past now.

And since my blog template doesn’t allow for me to add text, I wanted to let you guys know that I set up an email address so you can email me if you have questions about anywhere I’ve written about or if you want to collaborate! That email address is:

They threw a party for us at a bar called The Phoenix near Oxford Street with karaoke where we no doubt sang a lot of American-themed songs. I remember my favorite part being one of the organizers of our program singing “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers. I’m pretty sure I have a video somewhere but who knows where it is. Anyways, it was good times.

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