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Visiting Apalachicola, Florida!

Instagram is great, except for when they remind you of memories of weddings that you attended with your ex.

That’s what they did earlier this week. Although I don’t miss that wedding or that relationship, I thought I’d write about the cute little town that we stayed in on the Florida Panhandle called Apalachicola (Pronounced: ah-pah-lay-sha-cola.) with a population of just over 2,000 people.

I was not in Kansas anymore. 

To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to be going. Trump had just won the election a month earlier and I don’t particularly like Florida to begin with. The trip to the little town was also going to take two planes and a car.

If you’ve been reading here long enough, I don’t really like traveling by car. But I didn’t have to drive and in that area of Florida, there’s not really anyone on the road because I think the population is equal to that of my neighborhood but spread out over hundreds of miles.


The one semi-cool part of the trip was driving along the famous highway 30-A which snakes its way along the gulf coast and sometimes it’s just a two-lane road over the water.

Where I Stayed

I stayed in a B&B called The Coombs Inn and Suites with the rest of the bridal party but it had no security, especially when someone came in and forgot to manually lock the door. This made me a little nervous because I’m a little paranoid, but again: the population was so low that the chances of someone breaking into the house were really low.

The Coombs Inn and Suites

After a lengthy and arduous trip down south, we checked in to the B&B and then went for a walk around the town.

The Town 

The town of Apalachicola is adorable. It’s really quaint. It’s also really limited. It’s about 4 square blocks. But I had fun shopping in the little stores and meeting the locale store and street cats (obviously).

The tiny town was very pretty at night. The town is filled with palm trees (obviously, because: Florida) and they were all covered in Christmas lights which I loved because I love fairy lights.

And the next morning I found out that the community center offered a free yoga class that I ended up going to. Namaste.

Palm trees in Apalachicola

Local wildlife in Apalachicola, Florida

Can you spot the local wildlife in this photo?

A creepy sighting in Apalachicola, Florida!

This creeped me out. 

The wedding was a wedding, everyone besides me was very drunk, and I was just very happy to leave the next day.

Although I would not say Apalachicola is a destination by any means, it is definitely a cute little town to stop in if you’re driving through to somewhere more metropolitan.

Tell me below if you’re a fan of Florida or not!

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