That Girl Away

I’m taking the liberty this month to go back in time and remember my trip to Portland and Seattle during the summer of 2011. My cousin was doing an internship in Portland and I decided that was a good excuse to see some of the Pacific Northwest since I hadn’t been north of San Francisco. I was in Portland for four or five days and then we spent a night or two up in Seattle taking in the uber hip vibe up there.

During the days in Portland though, I was on my own since she was working. If you’ve read this blog at all, you’ll know that’s A-OK with me. On my second or third day in Portland, I decided to check out the Portland Art Museum, because why not? To be honest, I’m not an art person. I’ve never been. At least not fine art. Show me a paining of a baby and Jesus and I’ll show you how I take an instant nap.

But that said, I like modern art and installation-y type things so when I saw this installation (Five Words in Neon Orange) by an artist named Joseph Kosuth, it instantly became my favorite. It was meta and ironic.

This piece was apparently inspired by¬†“Wittgenstein’s explorations of tautologies. In logic and linguistics, as established largely by Wittgenstein, a tautology is a statement of fundamental fact or truth which is unchangeable and irreversible, even if rephrased in any way possible.”

Cool. I’m down. Five Words in Neon Orange is no longer at the Portland Art Museum, but if you check out their website, I’m sure they have other neat things to see if you happen to be in Portland.

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