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Whenever I travel, I always make sure that my iPhone is loaded with a bunch of travel apps. That screen shot above is how my Travel app folder currently looks, but it’s a missing a few: I like to book my hotels and hostels at the last minute, so I always make sure to have this on my phone to get last minute deals. I used this in Helsinki to save me from an awful hotel.

HotelsTonight: Same thing – you can sort by price and region and get great deals. Again, this saved my ass when I’d accidentally booked myself into an awful hotel in London last summer.

Currency: I didn’t event TRY to do the mental math required to convert the USD to the Kroner in Copenhagen/Oslo/Stockholm, and certainly not to the Zloty while I was in Poland. I would never, ever go to a foreign country without this app again.

CityMapper: This app, supposedly, updates more frequently than Google Maps, so it’s handy to have when you’re in a city like London and Boston that wasn’t laid out on a grid and is impossible to navigate around at first (seriously, how did I navigate London and give tourists directions when I was studying abroad there in 2007 with a Nokia phone?).

Uber: I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this company, but it was a lifesaver in London more than once. I’m not sure how many countries use it, but if you’re in New York City or London, it’s worth joining.

Triposo: If you want to make itineraries for yourself while you’re in a new city, this is your BFF. You can load a city and it’ll bring up all the touristy things to do and see and you can mark them on the app as you like. There’s also an app called Tripomatic, but I like Triposo more.

For booking flights, I’m currently using Hopper and Momondo. The Kayak app is great to have on your phone, too, though. I’m currently waiting patiently for Hopper to tell me to book my flight to/from Budapest. Also sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights. He’ll send out daily emails with deals and mistake fares going all around the world – we’re talking $200 roundtrip from NYC to Copenhagen.

So, those are all of my favorites. If I had to pick my top 3, I’d pick Currency,, and Kayak, though. If you know of any amazing travel apps that I clearly have overlooked, let me know down below in the comments!

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