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I thought I should share some of my favorite travel blogs and vlogs that I follow on a weekly basis that might inspire you to travel or if you already travel, book a trip to somewhere that you’d never considered before.

Blonde Chick Travels: This blog stopped being updated in 2016 but it has extensive tips and travel write ups from all over the world from the point of view of a 20-something from Florida.

Wolter’s World: I have no idea how this guy finances his travels all over the world with his family, but his videos are incredibly entertaining. He’s lived all of Europe and he knows a lot about dozens of countries.

Backpacking Bananas: I could never figure out whether this woman is English or Australian, but she is currently London-based and backpacks all around Europe regularly, taking her video camera along. She’s really funny and informative! She’s currently in Australia though!

Vagabrothers: These two brothers backpack all over the world and are currently in Asia. They have some great videos on travel must-have’s and packing guides!

Flirting with the Globe: Part of this woman’s schtick is giving tips for making the most of your travels even if you have a 9-5 job!

And She Explores: A very colorful and well-curated Instagram account!

I’m sure I’ll think of more over time and update this list, but for now, in addition to the two travel blogs from my last post, these are some of my favorite world travelers from the internet! I’d love to hear your favorites below in the comments!


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