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HAPPY NEW YEAR! This post is a week or so late, but it’s my blog and I can write about this when I want to. I hope you guys all had a great new year, in whatever part of the world you happened to be in. Did anyone spend New Year’s Eve in another country or city? I was right here in New York. I wanted to look back on my travels in 2018 and pick out what the best moments were for me personally.

In no particular order…

Feeding a Lorikeet in Albuquerque Zoo & seeing an Ocelot in person: The Lorikeets were so sweet at the zoo and it was such a deal to be able to feed them (it was like $1 or less for a little cup of sugar water). And I was SO excited to be able to see an Ocelot in person, just a few feet in front of my eyes. These guys are adorable and so tiny compared to most other wild cats.

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone and Going on a Ruin Pub Crawl in Budapest: Like I wrote here, I’m not one to go out at night very late, or at all, when I travel solo – for safety reasons and also because I don’t want to be hung over the next morning, but I did it in Budapest and learned all about the history of the Ruin Bars of the 7th District.


Navigating the Austrian Rail System to Go to Salzburg (in the snow): It was easy on my way there, but on my way back it was a bit of a challenge and I missed my first train. Note to self: Learn German. But I made it to Salzburg and back in one day.


Seeing the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I in person at the Neue Gallery: I’d watched the movie, traveled to Vienna, visited her house, and finally once I was back in New York, I saw her portrait in person. It was as lovely as expected.


Mastering the Vienna Metro: There was a stop for the Vienna Metro right outside my hostel’s door and using it saved me so much time and money. It’s easy to use and I loved using it. My suggestion: Buy a multi-day pass. I started with a 3 day pass and used it loads of times. It’s now probably my favorite foreign metro outside of the Tube in London.


Going on a 2.5 Hour Ghost Walking Tour in Denver: I was a little bit skeptical of this tour when I realized it was also kiiiiiiiinda a pub crawl, but as our guide, Joaquin, got more and more into his stories, I gave in and got a drink and enjoyed the hell out of it and I learned a ton about the history of Denver in the process.


Visiting Cat Cafes ( and one Cat Pub) in 3 Countries: I mean, this is nothing life changing as far as travel stories go, but I loved meeting cats in Budapest, Vienna, and Denver.

Forced Myself to Relax with the Hummingbirds in the Catskills: If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ve noticed that I do relax much when I travel. So: I go to little farm in the Catskills in Upstate New York every summer for a yoga retreat and there’s no WiFi or cell service. You’re forced to be present with yourself and it’s challenging and awesome at the same time.

Rescued a Lizard From Being Eaten by a Wolf in Albuquerque: My friends and I rescued a little stuck lizard from wolves that were definitely doing everything in their power to eat him at the Wildlife West Nature Park in New Mexico.


Visited MeowWolf in Santa Fe: My friends said this was the thing to do here and they were right. Santa Fe is pretty meh in my opinion (unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on art or at spas, which I do not) but MeowWolf is a pretty awesome and mind-bending art installation that was created by George R.R. Martin. Supposedly they’re opening one soon in Denver, too!

There were other moments, too, of course, but these were the first top 10 that came to mind. What were your top 10 moments of 2018? Let me know in the comments below! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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