That Girl Away

Happy Friday! 

This post is inspired by my recent viewing of Spider-man: Far From Home. I can’t remember anything about the plot, for the most part (all superhero movies blend together and are pretty much forgettable to me), but I do remember the bulk of it took place in Venice, Italy. Spoiler alert: Much of Venice gets destroyed by the villain, sadly.

Although I didn’t really like Italy when I was there in 2008 (I know, unpopular opinion!) but I remember that Venice was our first stop and it’s where I really learned to love wine and it’s also where I probably ate nothing but gelato for the first 24 hours that we were there.

A very sun-burned me in Venice

I remember walking around the narrow streets and overpasses on the canals for a long time when we first arrived. We also spent some time in the Piazza San Marco and up to the top of the clock tower to take photos of the view. We definitely did a gondola ride and my photos reminded me that we went to a lace maker’s store, but other than that, my next memory is of the lot of us heading to a tree-filled park somewhere near the center of Venice with many, many bottles of wine and playing the drinking game Kings.

Venice, Italy

Yup, that’s what I remember most about Venice. Playing a drinking game in the park and drinking lots of wine.

You could say I wasted my time in Venice.

Or you could say it opened my eyes to the wonder that is wine. I think I drank nothing but wine for the next week straight while we were in other cities in Italy (after Venice, we went to Rome, Pisa, and Florence). I was also intoxicated for the entire three weeks of this tour but that’s another story for another time.

Ah, to be 22 again.

Anyways, I found myself watching Spider-man the other day and wishing I could revisit the canals of Venice and maybe eat in better restaurants, and yes, drink lots of wine and eat even more gelato.

I think with my lowered expectations I might even have fun there. Anyways, here are some of my favorite photos from my 3 days in Venice.

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