That Girl Away

I’ve had the same travel bag (or purse, whatever) since 2008 and I’ve happily used it since it was gifted to me. There are lots of pockets and it’s plain black, so it goes with everything. But I’ve always hated the shape and how it lays on my body, so since I’m a working adult, I decided to buy myself a new one for this trip. After a lot of Googling “best travel bag,” I settled on the Travelon Cross-Body Bucket Bag. (Lie: First I ordered the Baggalinni Everywhere Bag, but it was so small so I returned it!).

Both of these bags have anti-theft technology, including RFID blocking pockets for your credit cards. Now I feel like such a dope for not even knowing this was a thing! Maybe my old bag also had this? I have no idea, but I’m glad to know that my cards will be protected this time around! And if my old bag didn’t have it, I guess I’m just lucky that my credit card and passport information was never stolen!

I was a little nervous when I first began examining the bag because again, it seemed small. But then I took out my Sony A5100 and a bunch of stuff that I would normally shove it and it all fit! So: Success! I thought I’d show you guys the bag and the features…..

What’s What, left to right:

  1. The tag, obviously. (Ignore my cat’s food bowl in the background!)
  2. The front of the bag, with one zippered pocket and one smaller open pocket.
  3. Inside that zippered pocket: big enough to fit a couple of travel guides or other small items (tissues?).
  4. Inside the tiny pocket on the outside! Good for maps?!
  5. The back of the bag has a larger rectangle zippered pocket that can fit anything that’s as big as an iPad.
  6. The inside of that pocket. Lots of space!
  7. Inside the main space (pocket? cabin?) of the bag are the RFID protected pockets on one side.
  8. Inside the bag there’s a little lanyard with a flashlight! Perfect for finding things that get lost at the bottom of my purse, like my wallet.
  9. Another zippered pocket inside the main compartment (!) of the purse.

I’ll do a “What’s In My Bag Post” when I pack it all up to go abroad next month, but trust me, it fits a ton! What do you put in your bag or purse when you travel? Let me know in the comments!


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