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Happy holidays to all those who celebrate them and also, happy almost New Year! I’m not making any travel resolutions this year, per se, but I do have in mind some of the places to where I want to travel and my parents were lovely enough to buy me a couple of travel guides for those places.

Yes, I still love my hard cover books, much to the detriment of my poor carry on luggage. Sorry, bags. But at least I’m starting to catch onto the fact that maybe these mini travel guides from Lonely Planet are GOOD ENOUGH. I download Triposo when I travel and scour the internet for travel blogs with tips about places I need to go when traveling in certain cities, so bringing an entire 500 page book about one city might just be overkill, no? I think so.

Where am I planning to jet off to first? I’m glad you asked. It’s back to eastern Europe for me. My first trip, as soon as the appĀ Hopper tells me I should book my flight, will be to Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. I was originally going to try to through Ljubljana in there, too, but I think it’d be too much. Bratislava is a tiny city, so I’ve read, that’ll be a 6 hour stop on my way to Vienna.

My parents also gave me a new DSLR for the holidays. Does the Sony a5100 count as a DSLR? It’s pretty compact but you can change the lenses if you want. There’s going to be a big learning curve for me with that camera but I’m excited to use it! For years I’ve been using a Canon Elf point-and-shoot (or my iPhone, of course) and I felt like it was time for an upgrade.


And lastly, that cloud patterned Jansport thing up there? That’s a case to organize your chargers and wires. I saw it on another travel blog and I was all, “OMG.” My type A organization freak self died of happiness a little. You can buy it here.

Additionally, I’m planning on an extended weekend in Reykjavik at the end of the summer, which will be super fun and I have alerts set up on Hopper for short weekend trips to cities in the US like Memphis, Denver, Savannah, Charleston, and Albuquerque (my best friend and her husband just moved out there). We’ll see if any of those come to fruition!

Where are you planning on traveling to? Let me know in the comments!

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