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The Ultimate Guide to New Orleans

Here’s a pro-tip if you’re going to New Orleans: forget Bourbon Street and head to Frenchmen Street instead.


Bourbon Street, while somewhat acceptable during the day and should definitely be visited once while you’re there so you can say you’ve seen it, is definitely a shit show at night and not in the good way either. It is the Jersey Shore on the Mississippi River and completely touristy. You could play a drinking game where you take a shot every time you see someone vomiting but then pretty soon you’d be one of those jackasses vomiting, too, because of how many shots you’ve had to take.

Just take an Uber over if you don’t feel like walking from the French Quarter. We ended up walking behind the tail end of a Mardi Gras parade (we were there for the very beginning or very end, I can’t remember which, of Mardi Gras by accident) but it is a bit of a hike normally.

Stop into all of the jazz clubs and do some shopping at the Frenchmen Art Market before ending your night with a meal at Three Muses. The food was FANTASTIC there. But don’t forget to make a reservation before you go.

I can’t say it enough: Bourbon Street is for amateurs. The real action is on Frenchmen Street. You’re welcome in advance!

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