Hi friends!

I know I've written in separate posts before about some of the gear I travel with but I thought I'd share all of the travel gadgets that I absolutely always have with me, no exceptions, that I would be lost without in one post and link to where you can buy all of them, too, if you're missing any of these because they are my absolute MUST HAVES!

Hi friends! Although we typically think of Memorial Day Weekend as the official start of summer, this Thursday is July 4th so it's another big marker as far the official summer season starts and I thought I'd tell you what you should see on Broadway this summer if you're planning on traveling to New York! I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it here, but I went to school for theatre management and even though I no longer work directly in the industry, I still see a ton of theatre on the regular. So if there's a show that you're curious about, ask me, because I've probably seen it! Now let's get onto my recommendations.