That Girl Away

I’ve never been the type to take part in activities offered at hostels. I always think they sound fun, but there was a lot to see in Warsaw and I only had three days. But then I considered the fact that I’m usually just hanging out at night after dinner, not doing much of anything, and I decided, OK, fine, maybe this is a good idea. I am in Poland, after all.

I was joined by a couple of other travelers – a mother and daughter from tiny town in England, a guy from Australia (or maybe it was Thailand?), and one other traveler, who I think was from Brazil. It was pretty cool to have an opportunity to hang out with people from other countries and learn a little bit about where they were from (it’s kind of why I travel).

Anyways, the dough was already made (but you can find a recipe here for it) so we learned how to put them together (use a glass as a cookie cutter to get the right size dough circle, put the filling on one side, and then fold over the rest of the dough, using your thumb to make the print on the closing) and boil them, and then, yes, eat them. We made a ton of them and had lots of leftovers! There were cheese and potato pierogis and meat pierogis. They were both delicious.

It was an entertaining, educational, and delicious way to have dinner while backpacking through Poland. If you stay at the DREAM Hostel in Warsaw (DO IT), make sure to check their calendar while you’re there to see if they’re offering this. Smacznego!

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