That Girl Away

Back before my partner and I went to Nashville in April, I’d made a list of all the places that Anthony Bourdain (RIP) went to on the Nashville episode of Parts Unknown a while back. I’d watched the episode recently and it’d been what inspired Nick to want to check out Nashville in the first place.

Nashville is super spread out, so we were never really near any of the places that he went to, except on the first night we were there we weren’t too far from Pinewood Social. I remember in the episode it looked like a really chill restaurant with a bowling alley. We checked the menu out and walked over from the Pedestrian Bridge.

We ordered drinks and I ordered the quinoa salad (I needed something semi-nutritional finally after 3 days of southern eating) and Nick had the burger. We also ordered drinks, and I’m pretty sure I ordered the Thank You, Next, but to be honest, I’m not completely sure. Whatever it was, it was super tasty!

The food was really great, and in my mind, I raised a glass to Anthony Bourdain.

We didn’t end up bowling because we were exhausted but we did walk into the bowling alley to take this photo. Pinewood Social is perfect if you’re looking for a chilled out atmosphere and great food in a place that’s nowhere near the Honky Tonk.

Pinewood Social is located at 33 Peabody Street, about half a mile from the Pedestrian Bridge along the Cumberland River. 

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