That Girl Away

One of my friends and colleagues went to a few different cities in Scandinavia this week and I SO enjoyed following along via his Instagram. I’d given him a bunch of recommendations for Oslo and Stockholm before left and one of my recommendations was go eat at a restaurant in Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge (pronounced Ah-ker Breh-ger) is a strip of newly developed shopping, apartments, and restaurants on the water, just next to the ship ports and City Hall. It’s super pretty at night and I ate while covered in a blanket at one of the many outdoor restaurants that are right there when I visited in 2015. There’s really nothing historic or super interesting about this strip, but it’s a nice place to eat or just chill out after a busy day of sight seeing.

Anyways, while my friend was there, he posted a photo and location was ‘Burger Joint.’ As far as I knew, Burger Joint only had two locations – both in New York City – but I guess since I stopped eating meat, I’ve lost touch with where the best chains are expanding to. Burger Joint, the original location, is a super divey place in a hidden spot in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th Street in midtown Manhattan. I worked nearby from 2009-2012 and we would occasionally have staff lunches which would include burgers from Burger Joint that had to be obtained at 11:30am because the lines were always SO LONG.

But the lines are worth it and I’m assuming there are lines in Oslo, too. This post was really just a long-winded way of saying that there’s a Burger Joint in Oslo and if eating meat is still your thing, then you should at least take yourself here if you’re in Oslo.

You can thank me later.

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