That Girl Away

Me in the Blue Lagoon in June!

Shockingly, I haven’t been traveling since the last time I wrote. I wish that were the reason for my radio silence, but alas, it isn’t.

I’ve been working with a life coach who has turned into a writing coach and we’re working on me finding my voice and also revamping this site a bit so it’s more visually eye-catching, and also with more authentic, vulnerable writing. (That sounds so cliche and I’m so sorry for that.)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my writing is pretty devoid of any vulnerability. I’ve been mostly concerned with what other people would say if I put my feelings on the internet in any real way, but I’m working on a few pieces and I think they’re going to be really good. (And vulnerable & authentic, etc.)

So, that’s why I’ve been away. Also no small task, I’ve been applying for and interviewing for new jobs like crazy over the last almost two months. I think it’s responsible to not plan any new trips while I’m not earning an income that’s more than unemployment, right? However, as soon as that contract is signed, I will be thinking about another trip, probably in October/November. I’m thinking Brussels, Frankfurt, and Zurich. A little random, sure, but those are all cities I’ve never been to and I’m curious about them.

BUT here’s my announcement: Despite my summer silence on That Girl Away, I was chosen to be on the list of “Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs of 2019”! You can check out the entire list here. Thank you to Anuj for choosing my little corner of the internet!

So, that’s my update! I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer and I can’t wait to share some ace content with you all in the fall!


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