That Girl Away

Before we went whitewater rafting in 2008, we made a stop in the typical storybook town in Austria known as Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the capital city of the state Tyrol in  western Austria and it’s super picturesque. Innsbruck also happens to be where the factory store is for Swarovski Crystal so we had to go in there! I ended up buying a small necklace with a crystal pendant on it that I still have today.

Because it was 2008, I don’t have many fantastic photos from this stop, but I found a few and I wanted to share them. This little town was adorable and it’s definitely worth a stop if you have time on your adventures.

See? Picturesque town! Awful photos, though. 


This is the Goldenes Dachl, aka “Golden Roof,” which is the most famous site in Innsbruck. It was completed in 1500 by Emperor Maximilian. You can read more about it here


An art installation from a nearby park but I have absolutely no idea what it meant. 

A finally, in a town that is full of beauty, here are a few pictures of the most sparkling part of this town, the Swarovski Crystal Factory. 

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