That Girl Away

Me in April, on my way to Memphis & Nashville

I don’t know if you remember but if you’ve been reading here long enough, you’ll recall that I was supposed to go to Iceland last September. Long story short: I was selling my apartment and buying another one and there was a delay in that process so I had to rebook.

And I rebooked for June. And it’s almost June.

Did I expect to be unemployed while going to Iceland? Nah. But it’ll be OK. I wish I had booked a cheaper accommodation though, but I will next time I travel!

I’ve been looking up articles and YouTube videos about “Iceland on a budget” so I know I’ll be eating at quick places, not restaurants, and probably not drinking at all, and maybe I’ll skip the tour of some glacier on an Icelandic pony, but it’ll still be great!

Do you know what else I’m looking forward to? Packing.

Because packing for a 4-day trip is going to be SO EASY. Like, do I even need to pack? I’ll just wear all my clothes on the plane. Kidding! I won’t, but I totally could. It’s going to be between 45*-50* there so quite a bit chillier than it is here but I’m also really looking forward to that.

So, here’s what I’m thinking about packing:

  1. 1 pair of jeans
  2. 1 pair of leggings
  3. my waterproof pants
  4. bathing suite
  5. four long-sleeve tops
  6. 1 sweater
  7. sleeping pants and a long sleeve sleeping shirt
  8. hat
  9. scarf
  10. gloves
  11. windbreaker jacket

I think that’s it, right? That’s not including toiletries and underwear and socks, too.

It’ll be fun to finally see the final Scandinavian country since seeing all the others in 2015. It’ll be a quick trip, but a good trip for clearing my mind and come back ready to be a kickass Hunter of Jobs.

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