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When I made plans to go to Tennessee in April, I knew I'd be going to the National Civil Rights Museum for sure. I don't know how you can visit Memphis in today's day and age and NOT visit the National Civil Rights Museum. Not with this political environment (if you're on the right side, and yes, there is a clear right side to be on nowadays). On my first day in Memphis, I took a long walk down Main Street, which my hotel was directly off of, which turns into South Main Street somewhere right before you get to the National Civil Rights Museum. Once I saw how close my hotel was to it, I made the executive decision to go there first thing the next morning at 9am when they opened.

No sleep for the traveler, as they say.

I woke up extra early the next day and wandered down Main Street, grabbing a coffee and snapping photos on my way. I photographed all of the exhibits in the South Main Arts District walk that I could find and made my way to the Lorraine Hotel that houses the museum and saw tons of school-aged children meandering around, waiting for it to open. It opened within minutes of my arrival and I purchased a ticket and started my exploration. The Lorraine Hotel is historic because it's where Martin Luther King Jr. was staying when he was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. It was almost torn down completely in the years following after it had financial problems, but thanks to a local non-profit, it was saved in 1982 and converted into the National Civil Rights Museum that it is today.

Greetings, fellow travelers! (From my cat, Playbill, AND me!) I'm leaving in a couple of hours for Reykjavik! FINALLY! OMG. I never thought this day would end. I have my reservation at the Blue Lagoon already made for after I land tomorrow (with transportation from the airport and to my accommodation after!) and then I'm doing a tour of the Golden Circle on Friday which I've also already booked. I'm thinking I'll spend the rest of my time walking around Reykjavik, going to the cat cafe, and possibly a Puffin sighting tour. I'm also really excited to try a bunch of the vegan restaurants that I've read about online and on YouTube. But what did I pack for basically a four-day trip? Well, I feel like I overpacked but everything fit into my backpack so that was a relief. Here's what I packed: