That Girl Away

So, I am two days away (!) from heading to Budapest and I wanted to share this post about this tiny, little street (alleyway, really) in Gamla Stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden. It is called the narrowest street in Stockholm – 35 inches at it’s narrowest. And that’s really saying something because this is a city of narrow streets!

I read about this in my Lonely Planet Scandinavia guide book (page 392 in the 2013 Lonely Planet Scandinavia guide!) and I decided to check it out to one of my many wanderings around the Old Town. I found it necessary to take a photo on this tiny little street because who wouldn’t want a photo on the street where you can touch both sides (easily)? I hadn’t even remembered going down it until I came across it on my old iPhone recently.


It is called Marten Trotzigs Grand and it was named after a merchant (Mr. Marten Trotzigs) who bought a lot of properties along the alley from 1597-1599. This little street even has it’s own Wikipedia page right here. And if you want the full experience, you can watch this video on YouTube of a person walking down the length of this very narrow street.

If you know of any “narrowest streets” in Budapest, Bratislava, or Vienna, let me know!

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