That Girl Away

Happy Monday, fellow wanderlusters! I wanted to let you guys know that I opened an Instagram account for my little blog over here.

I realized I was spamming all of my friends with travel pictures and ‘New post!’ entries and even though I was resistant to it, I did it anyway. Do the things that scare you, right? Well, this didn’t technically scare me, but it is a challenge. As in, “Can I keep this account up?” The one-year anniversary of my little corner of the interwebs is coming up and although I’ve been blogging on various platforms for about a decade (probably more, oh, LiveJournal!), I’ve never undertaken something like this.

I mean, yes, boo-hoo, what a task to open another Instagram account, but I think there is something to being consistent with it that makes it successful. Can I be consistent with it? I think so. I like that I can post lots of memories from my past travels and not worry about sounding like a broken record to my friends and coworkers.

So, that’s all I have to say. Make sure to follow me over there and we’ll be getting back to travel writing on Wednesday. XO

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