That Girl Away

When I was thinking about what to pack for my two week trip to Scandinavia in 2015, I went straight to Google. I don’t remember what exactly I googled but it was probably something like: “Packing list + Scandinavia + September.” And lo and behold, I was guided to a site called Travel Fashion Girl, which I’ve since stumbled upon again since booking my trip to Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna. (I also used this packing list for Scandinavia – another site with a lot packing lists, but not nearly as many.)

She travels a LOT and has packing lists (with photos!) for all of the countries she’s visited, in multiple seasons. It’s SUPER cool to browse around (read: fall down the packing list rabbit hole). She even has a ‘Dress Like a New Yorker’ page, which is surprisingly accurate! One of her outfits is an outfit I wear on the regular!

The only caveat to using these packing lists is that these women are SUPER fashionable. Much more fashionable than I’ve ever been while backpacking around Europe. My idea of dressing up is putting a scarf on with my leggings. The ladies bring DRESSES. I’ve packed a dress in my backpack before and you know what? It came back out in the same condition in which in it went because it never saw the light of day.

I’ve been reading up on Viennese fashion though and apparently leggings are not acceptable to them. This is so disappointing. This means I may need to buy a pair of pleather leggings so I can fake being fashionable in Vienna.

I hope these two sites help you figure out what to pack when you’re visiting an obscure place in the world!

(Photo is from Gdansk, Poland, October 2016)

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